What is Team Kanohi?

   We are Team Kanohi, a non profit development team formed with the intention to create our ideal game, Bionicle: masks of power. An open world action adventure title taking place in the world of Bionicle. Team Kanohi has been in function for five years, (Although only officially being named Team Kanohi for a year) and as we make steady progress on the game, every member learns and grows.

   We are open to taking new members! If you have a skill you think would be useful, apply with the application forum below!

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General FAQ

Q: What is Bionicle the Masks of Power?
A: Bionicle the Masks of Power is a fan video game in the world of Bionicle. BMOP is to be an open world action-adventure game set on the island of Mata-Nui with the story presented in 2001.

Q: What is Bionicle the Masks of Power Legacy?

A: Bionicle the Masks of Power Legacy is the original version of the project.

Q: What is Trials of the Great Spirit?
A: Trials of the Great Spirit is a trial run for the mechanics, art style, code base, and level design of BMOP: Rebuilt

Q: What is Bionicle: Masks of Power Rebuilt?

A: Bionicle: Masks of Power Rebuilt or 2.0, is a completely refactored version of the original game being rebuilt from the ground up, and will be the final product.

If you have other questions refer to the FAQ found on our Discord server, or ask us directly!

Live streams

We livestream too! You can watch us every Saturday at 4pm CST (2pm PST) play through Bionicle games and Bionicle related games! There may also be development streams on occasion, so you won't want to miss out!

Our streams are announced the Wednesday before we go live, on Twitter, Instagram, and in our Discord server.


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Having problems? Encountered a bug? Just want to hang out with fans of the project?

Then feel free to check out the discord server!